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Rape and sexual assault: a victim’s journey to rebirth.

Roughly calculated at 35 percent worldwide, that’s the percentage of women that have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives. There are a lot of stories about rape, there are so many girls/women in our society who have been physically abused but the shame of the experience render them speechless, hence they keep it a secret. Now, it’s time you know keeping it as a secret is not a solution but covering the accused up, it’s better to share your story to help others and put the accused to shame.


This is a story shared, from a real life experience. It is a sincere writing from the heart and am sure this would encourage you;

On a fateful day, Glory went to the market and met a young man, Akin who also came to buy things, they got talking and consequently exchanged numbers, communicated via phone calls and messages  and thereafter discovered that they even attended the same institution, naturally they became friends and hung out a few times at a restaurant close to the lady’s house. They became quite close, and Glory saw Akin quite a number of times in school, he got to know the estate she stays, and as she can recall, he claimed to have developed feelings for her but she stated they could only be friends because she was presently in a relationship. Afterward, he only presses on the issue once in a while.

On a Sunday morning, Glory wasn’t feeling too well and didn’t intend going to church. Her plan was to take a deep rest and go back to school later that afternoon with Akin who also said he was going back that same day too. She met Akin later that day at his uncle’s place; he was waiting for someone who was coming to drop a package before they left for school.  Glory was shown a place to sit while waiting and observing the living room. Akin stayed with his uncle who traveled with his family. He offered her a drink which she bluntly refused. During the course of a short discussion, Glory noticed Akin sent the security man out on an errand.

Vividly, plans changed!  Akin told Glory his uncle’s friend was on his way and he wouldn’t want him to see her in the house, so he directed her to a room to stay for the time the Uncle’s friend would be around. At this time, Glory felt a prank but got over due to the level of trust they have built together in friendship. This was someone she thought she knew quite well, she went into the room though not happy but she have to wait for Akin to get through with his visitor, so they could start heading back to school.

He came back after a while to the room,  but with a different story entirely. Akin sat down and started talking about how much he really loved her and how he couldn’t do without her and was all touchy, at that time she became very uncomfortable and stood up to leave but it was too late. By the time she could get to the door, he grabbed her pushed her to the side and locked it with keys, at this time she was really scared, scared of his attitude and what may happen next.


Akin’s behavior changed totally, becoming a monster, he grabbed her as she fought with all the strength she had till she became weak.  Losing all her strength, she switched to crying as she was overpowered. Akin started crying too like a psycho that he loved her so much. I mean, who does something like that to someone they claim to love?

Glory screamed thinking she would alert neighbors, but he had closed the windows and was such “nobody would hear you no matter how loud you scream”, at this time she wished she could turn back the hands of time.


Glory hadn’t done this before, she was still a virgin. She decides to work on his emotion, claiming to love him too, to see if he would have a change of heart, but that won’t work on the heart of a monster ready to pounce. He simply replied her “I want to be sure if you are still a virgin” and right then she knew she was doomed. I remember Glory’s face vividly as she said “God. that was the worst day of my life’, after so much struggle, he molested her, had his way with her, her legs trembling and she was shaking all over, so weak and crying her eyes out.

By the time she was finally let go, Glory was devastated and looked haggard from all the struggling, she couldn’t go back home. What would she tell her parents? She boarded a taxi going back to school as numerous questions ran through her mind, was it wrong visiting him at his place? If she had just gone straight to school, all this wouldn’t have happened. At this point a lady in the taxi noticed her shaking in tears, she asked what was wrong but she couldn’t even answer her.

When she got to school that was when her nightmare began, she was traumatized, and she kept having everything replaying in her head she couldn’t tell anyone what happened because of the shame and the fear of being blamed.

The resultant effect was that she developed hatred for men she had as friends because she just felt she would be overpowered one day by any and all of them. Strangely, this *friend* of hers, Akin kept calling her, after all, that happened, destroying every hope of grace budding in her. It was so bad, she even wished him dead. All this while she could not let it all out because of the feeling the blame might be on her, so she kept dying inside.

Over the years she moved on, Glory decided to let it all out to a reliable counselor. She got help, ‘Life is better when you let it all out to finally let go, forgive and leave the rapist to the punishment of nature which can hardly be skipped’ she was encouraged. She would have lived all her life damaged and bruised all over by someone who committed an act but been left alone, she had committed a worse atrocity to herself for years- keeping silent

She shared her story because she wants people to know that this kind of thing does happen and it is still happening to lots of people. Since Glory as a person has moved on to enjoy other good things life has to offer. She realizes she’s stronger, wiser and better for it. She’s a fighter….she loves life and nothing and no one can take this away from her.

Rape can break you, it can destroy you if you keep quiet, but you can recover and you can become stronger than you ever were before if you take counsel and when you do it right, the offender will never go unpunished.

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