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Quick tips to Build your confidence and self-esteem

Confidence and self-esteem, these two factors seems related and go a long way on how you think or act. As much as they are related, there is a significant difference between them. Self-confidence is a faith you have in your ability to achieve something while esteem is the way you feel about yourself. Confidence and high self-esteem lead to productivity, success, love, achievements, respect and more. Just to mention few situations that portray a lack of confidence and self-esteem.


confidence and self esteem

  • You get nervous when you are supposed to speak out loud
  • You say something entirely different from what you have planned or have in mind.
  • You start stammering in front of the crowd or when you are yelled at.
  • You can’t decide on how to handle situations on your own.
  • Failures in an interview or presentation because of lack of expression of the right values.
  • Afraid of the crowd.
  • You remembered you are pressed to ease yourself when you need to take an action.
  • panicking when you are supposed to pass a message across.
  • Habits that shows it loud and clear.

It is a challenge, which kills a lot of people inside, meaning a lot of potentials and values die inside because of lack of confidence to express them. Although there are critical experiences that decrease self-esteem, for instance, failures, an absence of warmth and affection, inferiority complex, peer group comparison, neglect, abuse, been different. Remembering past experience sometimes causes depression, make you feel unworthy, incompetent on whatever you lay your hands on or the activities you are involved in. Confidence and self-esteem are in you and your mentality and can be gradually treated.

Remembering past experience sometimes causes depression, makes you feel unworthy, incompetent on whatever you lay your hands on or the activities you are involved in. Self-confidence lies in you and your mentality and can be gradually treated by the steps below.

Discover yourself

Awareness brings the knowledge of who you are, your strength and your weakness. This brings you to realize the circumstances surrounding your lack of self-confidence or esteem. After knowing where the problem lies then you know how to fix it. Self-awareness is far beyond just thinking about it, sometimes it might require writing situations you lost expression, how you lost it and the circumstances that warrant you to do so.

Avoid been haunted by the past

Repeatedly remembering the mistakes of the past can weaken the goals of the present. It is not bad to learn from mistakes but not advisable to dwell on them for too long. Life is full of ups and downs, rise up immediately you fall and move on before a lot of people even notice the downfall.  For the jesters, no one is above mistakes. Be sensitive about committing the same mistakes all over again.

Practice and learn

Read, read and read, the more knowledge grows the better you can express it. Whenever you are sure you are not just blabbing, self-confidence and esteem grow. Sometimes practice makes perfection, it can be an additional advantage when you practice repeatedly and ask people to access your speech.

Dress well

Some people tend to communize this word, but a common address says the way you dress is the way you are addressed. Before you talk, your dressing goes a long way in speaking on your behalf even before you manage to say a word. It creates a level of acceptance for you and improves self-esteem.


Be mindful of your present state, since you already know your weakness. Be conscious or not too conscious of losing your mind in any gathering you find yourself. Loss of mind leads to lack of concentration and before you know it, misbehavior might begin again.

Lack of confidence and self-esteem is a problem that can be controlled or totally eradicated by you alone, Take action now.

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