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Ways to use Parental Control Tools on the internet

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Why you should use Parental Controls Tools on the internet
The world have become a global village and a smaller place through the internet and the need to use Parental Control Tools to protect children from the internet is ever growing like no time before as the internet space has its negative side so as the real society as a whole due to social media bulling and online harassment or communicating with online predators, easy access to pornographic images and many more. Even if the internet is very important to their growth in terms of information shearing which can be used for school projects and as the world is ever going towards everything raped around the internet (internet of things), it is necessary we encourage them or even teach them how to use the computer and the internet but we must do it responsibly or let them do it responsibly. If you are a parent am sure you will be cautious of what your child does on the internet and if you are not yet a parent, it will be something you will want to be aware of ahead.

There are different ways you can use Parental Control Tools to protect children and regulate what they are doing on the internet while you are not with them.

1) Set the parental controls setting on your browser

It is not that difficult to set the parental controls setting on your browser like internet explorer, all you need to do when you open the internet explorer window, select “Internet Options”, from the heading of “Tools” and you find a tab that is labelled “Content”, and here is where you can set your parental controls and then you click on Privacy where you Sites and you enter the websites or social media website you do not want them to visit and lastly you click on Block. This browser also have built in parental controls to enable you limit them from websites that contain crude language or violent themes.

2) Blocking websites through the use of website rating tools

This option is also available on Internet explorer browser where you can click on the internet options and click on tools then click on Content and then you click on Family safety which then take you to another page that lets you use different options of blocking the type of contents that your child can view by also clicking on Rating System, which gives you a selection of different international boards like Computer Entertainment Rating organization, Film and publication Board and Game Rating Board among others.

3) Using Parental Control Tools

There are tools available on the internet that you can download even if you are using any browser that can enable you set rules and time schedules, block pornography and other unsuitable contents and some of them even enable you add social media features and per-app controls. Some of this tools that are free to download include Qustodio.com, OpenDNS Family Shield, Kidlogger.com, Spyrix.com and Zoodles.com.
In the world of today it is essential to keep our children safe on the internet since Parental Controls Tools are often free or very affordable in some cases and easy to install it will be wise to use them. However we should also note that the teenagers of today are computer smart and may know how to find their way around this measures but we can take extra interest to know what do online by checking some of this websites and also you keep the password of this intact.

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