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Analyzing Your Personal Spirituality

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The name analyzing is derived from the Greek words “ana” and “lien.” “Ana” can be equated to the word “throughout” while “lien” can e equated to the word “loosen.” Therefore, the word “analyze” refers to the act of loosening something and separating it into bits then looking at them thoroughly. There are three ways of analyzing spirituality, by the three parts that make up one’s spirituality. These are; the origin, the progress, and the culmination. However, not everybody has reached the culmination stage. It requires one to have fully progressed to reach this stage. Analyzing your spirituality will also inform you whether or not you have reached the culmination stage among any other reasons to do this.

The first step in analyzing your personal spirituality is checking whether or not you have started the spiritual journey. How do you do this? It is simple, just ask yourself if you have ever reached a stage whereby you feel dissatisfied with life to the extent of feeling like totally giving up. Contrary to most of your expectations, if the answer is no, then you have not yet begun your spiritual journey. One has to have experienced this to begin his or her spiritual journey.

If you have gone through this dissatisfaction in life, then it is now confirmed that you have already begun your spiritual journey. The second phase is to ensure that you are progressing in the journey. This can also be confirmed by answering one simple question; have you become so compassionate to other living beings as well as creatures and plants? As we all know, progress in your spiritual journey simply means that you are progressing towards the Creator hence that urge to develop His creations. Therefore, in this case, the answer should be yes for you to know that you are truly progressing. Unlike other sectors, progress in spirituality cannot be determined by the amount of knowledge one gets but by the compassion he or she shows to God’s creation.

Finally, the only way to tell if you have reached perfect spirituality also known as the culmination of the spiritual journey. Most people claim that there is no end to the spiritual journey, but this is not the case. One can know whether or not he or she has finally reached the culmination stage in the spiritual; journey by asking themselves whether or not they are afraid of death. If the answer is yes, then you have finished the journey and vice versa.

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